modern arnis and small circle jujitsu

About Master Earl Tullis

Master Tullis began his martial arts training in the early 1970's while in the U.S. Army. Upon leaving the Army and settling into civilian life he and his Son began instruction in Ta Kwan Do, he reached a Blue Belt rank but with job changes was unable to continue  with that program.  However in 1988, he began a program under Grand Master Al Garza in the League City Location, which he now holds a 5th degree Master level in Ta Kwan Do. During his tenure with Grand Master Garza he has implemented and instructed Modern Arnis classes twice a week at the League City Location.  Approximaly 3 years ago he was able to add a once a week Small Circle Jujitsu Class after receiving his instructor certifications from Grand Master Will Higginbotham and Professor Leon Jay.

Over the many years he has been training in the Martial Arts he has acquired a 5th Degree Master Level in Ta Kwan Do under Grand Master Al Garza, 5th Degree Master Instructor level In Modern Arnis under Professor Remy Presas and the Master's of Tapi Tapi.  1st Degree Black Instructor level in Small Circle Jujitsu under Professor Leon Jay and Grand Master Will Higginbotham. He was also inducted in 2013 into the  Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame as  "Diamond Life Achievement"  level.   

Master Tullis has been an active member of the IMAF LLC since 1993, and has attended all the IMAF sponsored camps, he assist in teaching at all the camps and also holds a seat on the IMAF Board. Master Tullis and his wife Barbara have sponsored annual IMAF Modern Arnis camps in the Houston/ Galveston area for the past 20 years.

Master Tullis is an active member of the Small Circle Jujitsu Family.  Master Tullis is the first Small Circle Jujitsu instructor certified in the State of Texas under Professor Leon Jay.  Master Tullis and his wife Barbara also sponsors an annual Small Circle Jujitsu camp in the Houston/Galveston area.